Treatment Information

Cryotherapy triggers the body’s natural healing process. Originally developed for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, cryotherapy now provides a wide range of benefits from pain management and sports recovery to weight loss, improved skin, better sleep and many more.

The results are amazingly quick and surprisingly long lasting. With regular use, many have experienced permanent benefits and relief from chronic issues.

What to expect

When you exit cryosauna your newly super-charged, nutrient-rich blood rushes outward to repair your skin, rejuvenating every muscle, joint and connective tissue along the way. Cryotherapy is like pressing your bodies reset button, you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized. Your body will continue to burn fat for hours. The long lasting effects from each session increase with the number of treatment sessions, where the pains and signs of inflammation remain suppressed for weeks. Many clients have expressed that they have the best night of sleep after a cryo session. Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) can get you looking and feeling amazing in time- and it’s 100% natural!

How Does it Compare to Ice Baths:

It doesn’t. It is simply not possible to achieve the same temperatures and effects with an ice bath. Furthermore, an ice bath is generally an excruciating 12 – 20 minute process, where, cryotherapy is only a 2 1/2 to 3 minute, completely dry, pain-free session. Generally, most people report ice packs are even more uncomfortable than a cryo session.

What should I plan for:

Step 1

Check in with our friendly staff and we will get you started right away

Step 2

Once we get you all squared away in our system, we will show you to the changing area.

Step 3

First time clients will be coached through the process

Step 4

A fluffy towel will be given to you to ensure there is no moisture on your body.

Step 5

You’ll slide into a nice cozy robe, socks, and slippers once you disrobe.

Step 6

While you are changing we will be cooling down the cryosauna.

Step 7

When you are ready you will step into the cryosauna in your robe, socks and slippers. Once you are in, and the door is closed, you will remove the robe, and hand it over in exchange for oversized mittens. Only your hands and face are visible to the operator during the procedure, so modesty is preserved at all times.

Step 8

We will be talking to you throughout the chilly 3 minutes session. While the body is enveloped by hyper-cooled air at -220ºF (-140ºC), cold air penetrates just 0.5mm into the skin, causing the skin’s surface to cool to 30ºF. It is a dry, gaseous cold and is not painful like ice baths. This means the treatment is tolerable, even to those who may consider themselves cold-intolerant.

Step 9

At the end of those chilly 3 minutes we will shut down the machine, you’ll hand back the mittens in exchange for your robe. Once you slide back into your robe you’ll step out of the machine.

Step 10

After you are dressed you can engage in some light stretching to get everything warm and moving. We’ll have water and warm beverages available when you are ready.

Recover Faster. Feel Better. Play Harder!